Mission Impossible

With an all star cast, Tom Cruise brings back Ethan Hunt in the latest Mission Impossible.

I wouldn’t say Im a fan of the franchise, but they’re usually a good watch, with great action, and stunts.

I got bored, it was so predictable. Now I know it’s not meant to be cutting edge drama, but when you have each twist figured out long before they happen you kinda feel they were not even trying.

Such a shame with Simon Pegg, and Henry Cavil outing in great performances, and Tom cruise is rather awesome, the story and script just felt lacking.

I’d give it a 2.5 outa five.



What can I say with out spoilers.

If you love a traditional horror see this. See it now, do not go alone, you’ll need a support group for after.

Toni Collette is fucking fantastic! Yes I dropped an f bomb and yes it was deserved.

I actually saw this on Friday (it’s now Monday) I needed the time to process.

Big thing for me, it’s the first time in quite some time I’ve watched a trailer and major plot lines haven’t been given away. Which I think really helped, I was expecting a supernatural Hollywood movie.

There are elements of that, but it’s so much more.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

I went into this not expecting much if i am being perfectly honest. I do like Star Wars but I wouldn’t class my self as a massive super fan.

The trailers just didn’t sell this to me at all. I was pleasantly surprised.

I did enjoy it, not as much as other Star Wars movies, or stories but it was a good watch.

On Chesil Beach

A story of a young couple who marry in haste, with little knowledge of the world, love, or sex.

The story follows flash backs between their early relationship, and the lead up to consummating of the marriage. This is somewhat hard to follow, the viewer is not always sure where we are in the time line, or who’s perspective we are looking at. I started to get bored.

We finally get to them ‘doing the dead’. It doesn’t go well, it’s been built up in their heads so much it doesn’t actually happen.

She becomes frightened, and disgusted at the whole thing and runs away along Chesil Beach. While there a conversation ensues that changes the course of their lives.

We then jump into the future first to 1975, and then 2007. This part takes about 10 minutes, and the movie ends.

It raised some interesting conversations between my self and my husband afterwards. (The Mr chose this film) We both took different things away from it.

Over all it was an interesting premise, and story but it just could have been so much more.

I was disappointed. Perhaps the whole point.

It is a book by Ian McEwan, I haven’t read it but perhaps try that first.

Deadpool 2

Wicked sound track, Ryan Reynolds, casual murder, lots of f bombs, pop culture references and all round banter. Everything you’d expect from Deadpool, oozing crazy cool

Yet there’s something missing. Don’t get me wrong it was a good movie, but there just wasn’t the same. Wasn’t quite as jazz hands as the first one. Which is often the case with sequels.

Mary Paulson-Ellis: The Other Mrs Walker

I picked this up on a recent trip to visit family in Edinburgh. My favourite home city of all.

Set between Edinburgh and London and the early 1900’s and 2011 it follows Margaret, a woman running away from questionable life choices, to her estranged Mother who’s whole life is questionable.

Margaret begins to investigate the identity of an older woman who died with no paperwork at all. It all comes down to paperwork.

Mrs walkers trail ends up providing answers that Margaret had no idea she should have been asking.

I really enjoyed this book, and it’s incredibly well written. I had just had to know who the dead woman was and by the time I figured it out, I was routing for Margaret to as well.

Family secrets, and survival at any cost! Tell no-one.

A perfect read in Princes street Gardens, in sunny weather. It’s The Edinburgh way.

Laura Purcell: The Silent companions

A gothic horror set between the mid 1300’s and mid 1600’s, following the traumas of the newly widowed Elsie.

Marrying above her station Elsie finds herself the mistress of an old run down country estate.

The dilapidated estate is feared by the people in the village. Can Elsie and her Companion Sarah find the secrets of the house before it’s to late, or is Elsie truly mad?

Well written and a nice read on a train to Edinburgh.